Bici da stradaTour of the 7 lakes




Departure and Arrival: Varese/Gavirate

Distance: 116 km

Gradient: 1000 mt

Difficulty: easy

Surface: 100% asphalt


Varese - Ganna - Luino - Laveno - Angera - Comabbio - Gavirate

Not difficult and wavy route suitable for road bike (length of 116 km., and an uphill climb of 1000 m.) That runs on paved roads in the province of Varese, on secondary roads.

The itinerary includes ups and downs, in a slalom between 7 lakes and hills, connecting all the 7 bike hotels in the province of Varese.

Along this route are included accesses to other routes (side tours), some of which are more demanding, so you can reach the most interesting paths, leaving from any bike hotel.

The bike contact of each hotel will help you to combine the basic path (main tour) with the variants (side tours) and will guide you every day on different tracks with an average length of between 70 and 100 km which will have an altitude difference in average rise of 700 -1600 meters.

Of course it can be packaged softer or more challenging solutions.

The only significant climb of the Main tour –7 Lakes are:

- For those who face the path counterclockwise: the stretch between Gavirate, Lake Varese, Varese (soft climb of 5.4 km. Falsopiani interspersed by slight slopes with a gradient of up to 6%), the climb is called by the local people "Sasso di Gavirate", sometimes is a bit congested, but that offers wide panoramic views on the lake and on the imposing circle of the Alps as a backdrop;

- For those who face the path clockwise: the stretch, after Luino, including Cremenaga and Cadegliano Vicconago (an uphill climb of3 km. with an average gradient of 10% and a maximum gradient of 12%).

For the rest there are no long flat stretches, but even large bumps. The track is wavy, and on average every 10 km. it climbs of 100 m. Along the way there are a dozen fountains to drink.

The lakes are the characteristic of this region together with the background of the Alps. There are about a dozen in the province of Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Monate, Lake Comabbio, Lake Biandronno, Lake Varese, Lake Brizio, Lake Ganna, Lake Ghirla, the Lake Montegrino Valtravaglia, Lake Delio and Lake Lugano.

The path Main tour - 7 Lakes provides a shortcut that longitudinal approximately in the middle cuts, so as to create two internal rings:

- One to the south, softer (length of 62 km., and an uphill climb of 360 m.);

- The other to the north (length of 80 km., and an uphill climb of 900 m.).



  • the Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori;
  • the Sacro Monte of Varese, property of Unesco;
  • the historical villas of Varese, owned by the municipal assets or other public entities;
  • The Cloister of Voltorre in Gavirate;
  • the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, in Leggiuno;
  • the Abbey of San Gemolo Ganna, in Ganna;
  • the Maglio di Ghirla, in Ghirla;
  • the Natural Reserve of the Marsh Brabbia, in Inarzo;
  • the Fortress of Angera, Angera.