Bici da stradaRock of Angera and World Heritage Sites




Departure and Arrival: Angera/Corgeno

Distance: 94 km

Gradient: 790 mt

Difficulty: easy

Surface: 100% asphalt


Angera - Gavirate - Varese - Castiglione Olona - Gazzada - Corgeno

Not difficult and wavy route for road bike (length of 94 km., and an uphill climb of 790 m.) which connects 5 of the 7 bike hotels. The route, without challenging climbs, longitudinally crosses the central area of the province of Varese, from the Lake Maggiore to the village of Castiglione Olona, called "Island of Tuscany in Lombardy," and the archaeological Lombard Park of Castelseprio, property of Unesco heritage.

The route is on paved and secondary roads, with ups and downs and changes of views and panoramas.
However, the itinerary includes, in two places, the crossing of towns with traffic at times too intense.

The only significant climb of the tour Side - Rock of Angera and Unesco sites are:

- For those who face the path clockwise: the stretch between Gavirate, Lake Varese and Varese (soft climb of 5.4 km. interspersed slight slopes with a gradient of up to 6%), the climb is called by the local people "Sasso di Gavirate", sometimes is a bit congested, but offers wide panoramic views on the lake and the imposing circle of the Alps as a backdrop;

- For those who face the path counterclockwise: there are several climbs with the maximum length of a few hundred meters with slopes up to 10%.

The track is wavy and on average every 10 km. and it climbs of 100 m.

Along the way there are some fountains to drink.

You will ride along four lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lake Monate, Lake Comabbio, Lake Biandronno and Lake Varese.


  • the Regional Park of Campo dei Fiori;
  • the Sacro Monte of Varese, property of Unesco heritage;
  • the historical villas of Varese, owned by the municipal assets or other public entities;
  • The Cloister of Voltorre in Gavirate;
  • the village of Castiglione Olona, called "Island of Tuscany in Lombardy";
  • The Archaeological Lombard Park of Castelseprio, of Unesco heritage;
  • the monastery of Torba, in Torba;
  • the Fortress of Angera, in Angera.


The Shrine of the cyclist of the Virgin Mary Montonate, a small church in the village of Montonate. Inside, on the right wall of the church are hanging awards, prizes, photographs of many champions more or less known in the past and many of the most important sports jerseys of the cycling group of Varese. Outside there is, as usual, a drinking fountain.