The Binda Trophy - 24/03/2013

The Binda Trophy is a road bike race reserved for women, and takes place every year during March and April in Valcuvia, near Cittiglio, a small town in the Province of Varese well known for being the birthplace of a big champion of the history of cycling: Alfredo Binda.

The women’s race, which started in 1974 with the modest rank of regional test, arrived in 2012 at the 37th edition and is now considered a unique event in the Italian and international scene.

Since 2008, in fact, the UCI has designated the Binda Trophy as the only Italian test of the World Cup, an event second only to the Olympics and World Championship for its charm and prestige.

The 2013 edition will have some news on the route with an unofficial departing from Laveno Mombello, then the path until Cittiglio for the official start. For the final selection will, as always decisive the climb of Orino.

On this track since the 1999 until today, for five times have triumphed athletes who have worn the rainbow jersey (Ziliute, double Cooke, Schleicher, double Vos, Pooley for a time trial), an Olympic (the same Cooke), five winners of Tour and / or Tour (Luperini Cooke Brändli, Pooley, Vos), four queens of the World Cup (Ziliute, Wood, Cooke, Vos) and on 2012 the Olympic champion: Marianne Vos.


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