Aromas and flavors from Lake Maggiore

Cheese, honey, meats, wines, rice and desserts. These are the ingredients of a typical food that has earned the most demanding palates.
Among the foods and wines of Lake Maggiore deserve a prominent place: the cheeses. In large lawns and in the wide spaces for grazing, have developed several dairy factories with excellent products. Do not miss for example, the Formaggella Luino, the fresh Caprino of Valcuvia and the Gorgonzola of Varese.

The honey produced in the territory is of excellent quality, and you can choose between acacia honey, millefiori or the chestnut one, and is an excellent accompaniment to cheeses.
Rich is the production of cold cuts and sausages in general. In the typical tradition of Varese, in addition to pork sausages, stands the processing of goat meat. And one of the excellent products among these is the goat violin of Curiglia. The violin is a special ham that you get from the thighs of goats reared in freedom, and is a valuable product still made ​​by hand in the mountains of Valveddasca.

Among the fruits and vegetables we recommend the asparagus of Cantello, a particular variety of white asparagus with the rosy tip that arise in the area thanks to the particular climatic conditions.
As for the wine production is especially popular, the wine Angera and today local manufacturers are trying to get the IGT “Ronchi Varesini” for white, red and rosé wines produced in the area.

And last but not least, in food and wine, the Lake Maggiore offers a plenty of typical sweets. We recommend a taste of Amaretti di Gallarate, the Brutti ma Buoni and the Sweet of Varese. The latter is part of the historical tradition of culinary city and is also known as Amorpolenta. It has a characteristic shape of a nozzle and is made with sugar, eggs, corn flour and ground almonds.

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