Welcome to the portal Lake Maggiore Bike Hotels

Lake Maggiore Hotels Bike is an important reference point for those who love cycling holiday that includes hotels that offer modern facilities for cyclists, cycling and mountain bikers.
All hotels are located in the province of Varese, in an area known as the “Land of Lakes” which has just seven jewels set in the Prealps: Lake Varese, Lake Monate, Lake Comabbio, Lake Ganna, Lake Ghirla, Lake Lugano and of course the most famous, the Lake Maggiore.

It is really hard not to be charmed by the beauty and uniqueness of many lakes, so close and so different from each other.
The same Stendhal speaking of the Province of Varese wrote: “Magnificent view! At sunset it saw seven lakes. Believe me you can walk all over France and Germany, but you will never experience such feelings. “

Welcome to the portal Lake Maggiore Bike Hotels
All this territory has a great bike vocation, and is ideal for cyclists, mountain bikers and road bike lovers, with many routes and itineraries to suit any fitness level.

Thanks to the exceptional variety of these places, the cycling holiday on Lake Maggiore continues to meet all expectations. You can in fact ride quietly along the shores of the lake, going into the woods and on the river banks of the adjacent valleys, or challenging the climb of roads with a gradient of more than 20%!

Come and ride in the land of champions!
Many are the cyclists in Varese who have written important pages in the history of the sport. Since the 1900 onwards took turns, topped the charts biking, Luigi Ganna, Alfredo Binda, Michael Mara, Wladimiro Panizza, until getting to Claudio Chiappucci, Ivan Basso and Stefano Garzelli.

Discover the portal of Lake Maggiore Bike Hotels, the best hotels in Italy that offer services dedicated to the lovers of two wheels.
Our 3 stars hotels in Varese, and 4 stars hotels in Varese, guarantee a secure storage area, workshop corner, meals, guides, itineraries, medical care and everything you need for a holiday in the middle of nature, culture and a typical food and wine that knows no rivals.

Only with Lake Maggiore bike hotels, your holiday on two wheels will be a unique experience!

Have a nice trip!